Monday, March 30, 2009

New Haircut

I got my haircut the other day and the afterward the lady only put some frizz ease on my hair... well, it didn't work too well. lol David likes my hair when its really frizzy for some reason, so I took a before product and after product picture :) Kind of embarrassing, but what the heck!


(it is much worse if I actually brush it. This is just from running my fingers through it.) ;D


The lady who cut my hair doesn't really speak english too well. She is from Vietnam or something... and so I guess she didn't understand me when I said "only 2 inches!" She cut way more than 2in on most of my hair! I wanted it layered, but she went pretty high on the top layer.
Now, my ponytail is so short! I don't know how I feel about I have to admit that it feel a lot lighter now, which I absolutely love! You girls out there know that it can take a couple days before you get used to a new haircut, with the right styling and all...I haven't quite gotten there yet. I'm sure I will in the next couple days or so. So far, nobody has even noticed :/


David Merriman said...

I noticed, and I love it! (And you!) Seriously, you can do no wrong with that hair of yours, it is amazing!

Mandy said...

LOVE it!!!!!! Still dead jealous of your curly hair!!! It looks fantastic - that first picture was awesome! haha!

A Touch in Time Photography said...
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Jill Rogers said...

Oh girl- I FEEL ya on the frizz thing...BAH, so bugs.

But the cut is cute, and it'll grow back faster than you think ;-) But David is right, you do have some pretty sweet curls!

My advice? Next time, go to an English speaker ;-) OH! And don’t EVER let anybody “THIN” your hair…SHEESH it’s a PAIN! BUT your cut is truly adorable!

Mommason Hillary said...

The hair is always beautiful - but the girl - WOW she's gorgeous!! Cute!

Mommason Hillary said...

ok - this is such a Mandy Merriman twin picture - not many people can do the mouth to the side thing - go figure - you two were meant to be related somehow!! Hey - I just sent my Missionary to El Paso!! Far away I know, from you, but you can blow him a kiss or two can't you? (:

Ashley Merriman said...

Well, I am I wont blow him a kiss...maybe a wave from my back porch or something...but I have never really met he may be slightly weirded out...and he is a he shouldn't really be receiving kisses, especially from married women. Just out of curiosity, did my haircut really remind you of your son being on a mission??? :P