Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Late Show With David Merriman!

What, you were expecting Letterman? ;)

Here's the highlights from last night:

David: That's what I love about you, Ashley - if you don't get a joke, you just make up your own and laugh at that!

Ashley: [hysterical laughter, for a good 30 seconds] That's funny!

David: Yes, but do you know why?

Ashley: [hysterical laughter, for a good minute or two]

And she never answered the question. I promise you this: marry someone with ADD, and you will never have a dull moment.

And now for tonight's Top Ten List! Tonight, it's "Top Ten Things Ashley Might Have Been Laughing About Last Night"

10. The half-episode of House she just watched

9. Birthday music from India

8. My claim to be on the bleeding edge of fashion

7. fart-sounds.net

6. Flash games

5. Fatigue

4. Chingo bling

3. Air

2. The fact that she had just hugged me and got toothpaste on my chest

1. Absolutely nothing

That's it! Goodnight everybody!

P.S. Everything on that list is something that she has actually laughed at recently, except maybe air. No, wait. She's definitely done that one. Nevermind. ;)