Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ashley's Disorder

My friends, Ashley has a disorder. She is incapable of drinking an entire glass - be it milk, water, coke, hot chocolate, she doesn't finish. You can always tell which glass is hers after dinner, because there is about a half inch of liquid in the bottom of the glass. (Therefore, I try to find them fast, because when it was milk she was drinking... Nasty.)

This all came to a head last night. She had some root beer, and I was stealing a drink here and there as we were watching House. She got to the point where she was done, and the usual amount was left in the glass. I picked it up to drink a little - I didn't finish it, just in case she wanted more. She was like, "Wait, was there still some in there?" "Yeah." "I swear, I finished it! I swear!" "Nope - you left the usual amount in there. I didn't even finish it, you can check for yourself." To her surprise, there was. She was convinced she had finished it, and even laughed to herself that I was going to be disappointed when I picked up an empty glass.

Even though she is conscious of it, it happened again tonight. It's hilarious! But our question is, is there anyone else out there like this? Or is Ashley the first one with this strange disorder? Let us know!