Sunday, March 15, 2009

Inspector Hector

It all started back when it was one of the first times David ever visited my family in Houston. While we were both brushing our teeth, David asked "What is that?" "INSPECTOR HECTOR!" I replied. It was really really funny, I tell you. I don't know why, but it stuck. We often joke sometimes while were brushing our teeth that we need to get some "INSPECTOR HECTOR". (you have to say it boldly, with a mexican accent) It's basically this mouth wash that you swish around in your mouth and it turns your teeth blue. Then, when you're done brushing your teeth, you check to make sure you got all the blue off. If you did, then you successfully brushed your teeth! If not, you, you have to rebrush your teeth or you will look silly. ANYWAY!!! Last week, we had an inspector to inspect our house...hahaha! Now you see where this is going! :) It was awesome. An entire week prior to the inspection I teased david that I was going to accidently slip, with my ADDness (if that's a word) and exlaim at the top of the stairs "INSPECTOR HECTOR! WE NEED YOUR HELP!" I didn't, but it was funny. I had to keep from laughing the entire time we watched him "inspect".

PS- his name wasn't Hector...I was hoping we could find one that was named Hector, but it just didn't work out. :/ John was still cool though.


Mandy said...

love it! :)

when do you two get to move into your cute house?