Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ashley's Weather Forecast

I tell you what, when I'm sleepy I tell the best jokes! Well, technically it didn't start out as a joke. I was pondering out loud before falling asleep, "I wonder what the weather will be like during the Second Coming...probably partly cloudy..." Then I got it! Get it?! PARTLY CLOUDY?! MEANING THE CLOUDS WILL PART?!!??!?! I'm freaking amazing you guys!!! I crack myself up! You can't tell me that wasn't good! lol David doesn't think it is, but I know that he's just mad because he didn't think of it first! I love me. ;P (David is still just shaking his head right now) 

Thank you, and goodnight ladies and gentleman. hahahhahahahah! (yes, I am sleep deprived)


David Merriman said...

I am not affiliated with this post.

Mandy said...

Ashley, I love you. This was adorable! ... and I appreciate your sleepy humor :)