Friday, July 17, 2009

Is The Tide Turning?

Take a look at this chart, produced by Rasmussen Reports, of Obama's approval index, which is calculated by subtracting the "Strongly Disapproves" from the "Strongly Approves."

Isn't that great? All of a sudden, it's flipped from positive to negative. And the timing of the flip suggests that I wasn't the only one screaming at the TV - which was on C-SPAN, not sports - while the House passed their carbon tax bill, 219-212.

So, it looks like people are starting to wake up. But this is not time to say, "Mission Accomplished!" No, we need to be like sharks that smell blood in the water, and rip this insane socialist agenda to shreds. And to do that, you need to be involved in finding someone better suited to represent you. Do you know how your representative voted? ...Does it really matter? It seems like the ones that voted for it obviously need to go, and the ones that didn't need to go for not putting up enough of a fight. Anyway, you can find out who you need to kick out here:

And see one of the reasons they should be kicked out here:

Stay tuned for more political rantings (I just can't help myself!) and also maybe some vacation pictures. :p


Mommason Hillary said...

I'll give you Bob Bennett Representative from Utah if you want. He's a master flip flopper! China took our Governor, now we're stuck with 2nd in command - Herbert. Do you know of any other country that needs to have an Ambassador? BTW - you have a great brother - the other married brother, we love him.