Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here's a video we just made with Ashley's phone, looking out one of the upstairs bedroom windows.

The hilarious part is that we were given a 20% chance of rain for today. Yet we had constant lightning for hours, baseball sized hail in some areas, and there's even rumors of a tornado just to the south of us. We were completely safe, so don't worry. The phone couldn't capture all the lightning - you literally could have read a book by the window just from the lightning, it was that bright and that frequent. We're just grateful for the rain, though - our grass will love it!

Make sure you check out the good parts, at 1:07, 2:22 (Giddyup!), 3:20, and 4:15. We also hope you enjoy our commentary. It's a little quiet, but Ashley does get a good Vicodin joke in. ...More on that later.


keviN said...

woooooooooooooow..... very cool.

Mandy said...

That's some freaky evil lightening!!
But you guys are so calm! Things would definitely be different if we had a storm like that here - I would be screaming my head off, running around the room, thinking that the world was ending and Ryan would mumble something about me needing to go to sleep. You guys are so rad!

I like your commentary about checking people's phones when they die. Haha!

Sharon & Monti said...

Looks just like Lake Arrowhead last week. With the SAME weather forecast. Is't that supposed to a science?

David Merriman said...

Mandy, you don't think lightning is cool? Well, we'll have to give you some of the Vicodin I'm on right now next time you get a storm...

You ALWAYS check people's phones when they die. That way we can put people who died because they had to text "LOL!" to their friend while driving in the Hall of Infinite Shame where they belong.

I wish forecasting were a science. If it were, we'd have this global warming debate pretty much settled.