Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So, is everybody ready for pictures of our new couch?!  

I knew you were.  Here we go!

We got a leather sectional and a cherry wood coffee table.  All the seats recline (except the corner, obviously, but the corner seat rocks anway.  :D), and it fits PERFECTLY into our oddly-shaped living room.  And it's ridiculously comfortable.  Seriously - you HAVE to try it.

Another shot of the living room, showing the perfect fit.  We went to 4 or more stores looking for something that fit like this, and this was the only one.

But wait!  There's more!  The coffee table is a lift top!  This makes it pretty much the ultimate TV tray.  Plus, there's storage underneath, for when you want to do a quick cleanup for the home teachers or whoever and get all the remotes out of the way.  ;)

Ashley loves it when I pose weird...  Go figure...

As a bonus feature for you, we have this picture.  We saw there was a park with a lake in it just across the main road from us, so we took a walk there Sunday after church.  Well, turns out that despite the monster rainstorm we got Saturday, we're still in a drought situation, so there wasn't much lake.  Which naturally makes the "NO SWIMMING" sign hilarious.  Where I'm standing is supposed to be the edge of the bank...  Yeah, not quite.

Also, we're moving in officially on Saturday!  We'll definitely give you some pictures from that.  Hopefully it all goes well...  Fingers crossed!


Mandy said...

Such a nice couch and table! LLOOVVEE it!! What fun it must be to decorate you new cute home together!