Saturday, February 7, 2009

More sickness!!!

So, David and I have been sick with Cedar fever for the past month. On top of that, David was sick a couple days ago with what I thought could have been the flu. I didn't worry about catching it because I got my flu shot back in November or so. Well, somehow I got sick. I don't know if I caught it from David or someone at school...couldn't have been from work since THEY NEVER PUT ME ON THE SCHEDULE ANYMORE! (sorry, had to get that off my chest...I just got off the phone with the hospital and they left me off the schedule once again for next month)

Back to my story....At first I thought it was just my allergies really flaring up. A couple days passed and I thought it had progressed into a head cold. Then this morning I woke up and had such difficulty breathing that I had to use my albuterol inhaler. It sucked. lol It's important that I know for sure that I don't have bronchitis or the flu b/c #1 it could progress into something serious, if I don't take care of it soon (since I have asthma) and #2 I can't work in the nursery on Sunday....although, it has been crazy with 20+ nusery kids and only 4 adults... it would lighten the load if they all got sick....NO! Bad thoughts! lol just kidding :P

Anyway, to keep it short we went to the doctor today and it's negative on the flu, negative for bronchitis... but I do have a virus. That means there is nothing the doc can give me to make me feel better. :( The ony thing I can count on is Mucinex and Benadryl, to treat the symptoms. I have heard from so many people how absolutely WONDERFUL Mucinex has worked for them. But after using it, I'm so disappointed! I guess it makes me feel a little better, but not great like it has worked on everyone else. Oh well. We'll see how long it takes for me to fight this crud off.
P.S.- You can click on the hearts over to the right with my valentine dog! It sounds like glass shattering :) It's pretty amusing for me, at least.