Monday, November 10, 2008

Six Months!

As of today, Ashley and I have been married for 6 months! And we haven't even killed each other yet! So whoever bet on that outcome, pay up. ;) It's kind of a crazy time right now, so we didn't do anything too fancy to celebrate. In the morning, Ashley had to go have blood drawn for some lab tests (she HATES doing that), I had to work and she had school until 6:00 PM, and we're busy getting ready for her next test on Wednesday. She also had a test today, and knocked it out of the park! She's so smart! I love her!

However, we did sneak out to Fuddrucker's for dinner. I've never been a huge burger fan, but Ashley loves it. We've been there a couple times before, and the place is growing on me. I recommend the ribeye steak sandwich.

We're gonna go back to studying, but happy 6 monthaversary to us!

Friday, November 7, 2008

An Obaminable Choice

So, the election is over, and the results are in: the majority of the nation was completely duped into making a completely abominable -- err, Obaminable -- choice. And I'm sure someone will call me a racist for saying so, but I don't care. We're going on record as saying we voted against Obama not because he's black, but because his policies are abominable. They are so bad, we've invented a new word for them: Obaminable!

But what could possibly be so bad about the media's anointed messiah? We'll we'd all know, except that the media hasn't been doing their job in a good long while, so most people know nothing about him. Here's the highlights:

  • Obama says he'll give a tax cut to 95% of Americans, meaning anyone making less than $250,000. Of course, what he didn't tell you is that taxes are going up on everyone making more than that. And that that also includes small businesses that employ millions of Americans. I can't think of a better solution to an ailing economy, can you? Taxing small businesses? Genius!
  • Obama has said before that he wants to negotiate with our enemies abroad. I don't know how you negotiate with someone who wants you dead. Say, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, who is pursuing nuclear weapons and has sworn to wipe Israel off the map. How do you negotiate with that? "Okay, what if you only nuke half of Israel?" "90%." "75%?" "Done." And next CNN reports on Obama's version of "I have achieved peace for our time," only to be interrupted by breaking news of bombs falling on Jerusalem. Or New York. Or who knows where else.
  • Obama wants us to be free from foreign energy, in ten years. Sounds nice - but how do you do it? He's pushing for subsidies for "renewables" more than anything, meaning wind and solar. Anyone who knows anything about the energy industry knows that's ridiculous. Even if building those facilities was completely free, we still couldn't meet our needs with wind and solar. The answer is nuclear, but before we can get those up and running, we need more oil. We can get it from here if we'll just try. It'll take a while, sure, but let's use everything we got. Instead, Obama has admitted he plans on bankrupting the coal industry through carbon cap laws. Wonderful - let's destroy our principle source of energy while chasing a energy castle in the sky.
I could go on - and I probably will. But these are things you didn't hear during the campaign because Obama would never admit it and McCain's campaign didn't have the sense to go after it. We all need to prepare for 4 years of Obaminable policy - as well as drumming up support for good men with sound policies to bring positive change to Washington in 2010, by replacing the ones that have lost touch inside the Beltway, no matter what party they are from. This starts at the local level in your party caucauses, especially if you need to get rid of an incumbent from your own party. The rebuilding of the conservative movement needs to start now, and it needs to start with each of us, from the ground up.

...and, I'm done. :-)

For now...