Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Catching up photos

I've gatta catch up on the pictures I have taken in the past couple of months. I decided to use my makeup (the one with all the assorted colors that I never wear) to make us look like true BYU fans during the football game! (It only looks like he is wearing lipstick, but only because I smooched him!)

David's mom brought me back a beautiful Italian scarf! I wanted to show my appreciation by taking some pictures of us wearing it. I took a picture of me but it didn't come out too well. ;P David is much more photogenic!

My cutie just working on the computer! I blindsided him with the scarf!

Isn't he so great!? My baby puts up with a lot! I LOVE HIM! ;D


Mandy said...

hmmmm.... david - i thought i'd never see it. but now that i have... hmmm...