Monday, September 15, 2008


So, Friday night I had a dream. Maybe it was because of the flag we hung up above our computer/TV earlier that night:

But in that dream, BYU scored like 70 points in their game against UCLA, and I was ecstatic. I told Ashley, "I really hope we drop 70 on 'em!" I thought we would win, and I believed we could win big, but 70 was a little high, even for my ridiculous optimism. Or was it...?

Well, by the time it was half time, we already had 42 points, and it was obvious that if Bronco Mendenhall was a complete jerk like Kyle Whittingham, we could have required a real quick upgrade for a third digit on the scoreboard. Seriously. When it was all said and done, it was 59-0 -- including a field goal block, just to show the world of doubting Herbstreits that that's what we do here -- and that's after pulling the starters midway through the third quarter. It was beautiful -- and it was UCLA's worst loss since 1929. Take THAT, all you haters!

And in honor of the beautiful, flawless victory, Ashley suprised me by painting her beautiful and flawless toes in a beautiful and flawless way. Check it out!

Isn't that great? I have the best wife in the whole wide world!


Mandy said...

I LOOOVE YOUR TOES! That is the best! Ry thinks I am such a girl when I paint mine. You'd think he'd have caught that one by now...