Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gary-the newest member of our family!

Last week my little brother, robby, came and spent a couple nights with us. (I'll tell more about that adventure later....still working on the video) ;P So, robby had this idea to go to Petsmart to buy me another fish. We had nothing else planned that day besides swimming for 8 hours (turning me into a lobster of course) so we were off!

By the time we got there and I had thought things through a little, I realized I didn't really want a new fish to take care of...We already have trouble remembering to clean the fish bowl we have now, with only one beta. Anyone who knows anything about Beta's knows that you can't put two in the same bowl-meaning we would have to put the new beta in a new bowl. Meanwhile, robby was hypnotized by all the different fish. He spotted some "really cool snails" for sale! He showed me and...it was pretty much love at first site. I knew that this would be the perfect addition to our family! I have always loved the little "sucker fish" (I don't know what they are really called) lol but that would require a a tank with a pump. We only have a couple cute fish bowls for beta's.

We got back home and were trying to find the perfect name for him. Myself, being a fan of Spongebob in my younger years, lol, agreed to the name robby suggested- "Gary". So there you have it. Gary, the newest member of the merriman family :D and for those of you who haven't met my fish that I got when I was a lonely single...this is Blanquita (in the pic below). I named her Blanquita because in spanish "blanca" means white-so I turned that into a nickname because when I bought her, she was so white/clear that you could see straight through her. You could even see her intestines. I felt a special bond because growing up, I was teased a lot for being so pale. Kids at school would call me albino, clear, whitey etc. So we have a lot in common. :P Hope I didn't bore you too much with my stories!


Ruth said...

Ok - a Beta fish...that's ok...but a snail????? Ashley, a snail? That's just creepy! :-)

Mandy said...

i think the snail is cute :)...