Thursday, July 3, 2008

Please Do Not Feed The Laptop

The other day I was at work, instant messaging with my wonderful, beautiful, sweet wife Ashley, for whom we recently purchased a new Dell Inspiron 1525. I like it because it's got a Pentium Core Duo at 1.6 GHz and 3 GB of RAM. Ashley likes it because it's purple and has a matching bag. ;) Anyway, back to the story. Suddenly, she signs off without a warning, and I get a panicked call while I'm talking to my boss.

She spilled ramen noodles on the laptop.

I'll bet the conversation was pretty funny to hear from my boss's end of it. Anyway, I came right home. Ashley had turned it off immediately and hung it upside down so it could drain, which was good thinking. It then fell to me to take the thing apart and see what the damage was.

It was my first time taking a laptop apart. Pretty cool, but harder than you think... Once I got the keyboard off (which is what you see above), miraculously there seemed to be no real damage. We dusted some stuff off - I mean, who knows what effect MSG has on electronics? - put it back together, and have had no trouble since. Lucky us!

Oh, this should also set the record straight - I do not have long blonde hair. I have short, brown hair. And no, my hairline is not receding. Much.

Anyway, the moral of this story for the computer illiterate is that human food is not good for laptops - they need power and Youtube videos instead. And for the rest of you, please keep any liquids away from your electronics - and back up anything you have important if Ashley's coming to visit. :p


Ryan and Mandy said...

Oh my goodness! You guys are having way too much fun - sorry about your lap top though...